Vesha’s Silver Menagerie


A three inch diameter snow globe with several animal forms inside and a sculpted silver base depicting even more animals.


This item allows a druid with the ability to shapeshift to shift into any animal that it contains. When the menagerie is first attuned to a menagerie, all of the animals the druid knows are learned by the globe. A druid may add new animals by spending one hour with that animal near the globe. As an action, a druid may gain one extra shape-shift per day by releasing one of the animals from the menagerie. The druid loses all memory of that animal and can no longer shapeshift into that animal until they encounter that animal again and observe it.


Vesha created the menagerie as her memory started to fail. After nearly a century guarding the Horrace Grove, madness crept in and the master enchanter, Soren, assisted her in creating the menagerie which allowed her to serve for nearly another 50 years.

Vesha’s Silver Menagerie

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