Soren's Bite


Entwined fangs wrap the handle and hilt of green-tinted rapier. A dull, green aura contains the perfectly weighted blade and the pommel is capped with a viper fang encapsulated within a cloudy emerald.


This blade is a +1 rapier. In addition, once per day, its wielder may choose to activate Soren’s Bite to apply poison to any attacks made within the following ten minutes. Creatures subjected to Soren’s Bite’s poison must make a Constitution save (DC 15) or gain the “Poisoned” condition.


This blade was made just before the last item that Soren made, Soren’s Oath. It was payment to the assassin who was to kill King Osaac, though the assassination failed on many attempts. It’s rumored that the failed assassin, a Dwarf rogue, died and returned as a banshee for not completing the job and is seeking the blade.

Soren's Bite

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