Soren’s Oath


This ring is made of a dark stone and emerald in three banded sections. The outer bands are a dark, coarse stone and the inner band is a smooth, sparkling emerald. Small, angled hashing points toward the inner band from both outer bands.


This ring grants the wearer a simple +1 to armor class and forces any attack roll that would kill its wearer into disadvantage. In the instance that an attack hits and its damage is determined, if that damage would take the wearer to zero hit points, and the roll did not already have disadvantage, it now has disadvantage and the lower roll applies. If this would still hit the wearer and he or she has more than 1 hit point, he or she may make a constitution save to fall to zero hit points and stable.


So great was his love for Princess Aarana that Soren vowed to protect her even past death that the last enchantment he placed was on this ring before the princess’s father, King Osaac, executed the venerable wizard. The ring, given to Aarana on the day of his execution, never saw its intended purpose as Aarana gave it to her father before leaving for war where he claims it saved his life nearly a dozen times.

Soren’s Oath

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