Quiver of Za'ar


This quiver is made of paper thin leather, stained a deep green, and appears to have room for 24 arrows. Leaves and vines decorate its interior and a soft felt lines the inside. The strap is connected with brass fixtures and a flat-braided, dyed, green cord.


This quiver holds up to twice the normal arrows, with a maximum of 48. Once per day, the owner can choose one of the following:
Abundance: the quiver gains 1d8 normal arrows not to exceed the maximum.
True Shot: all arrows shot until the next long rest do critical hit damage on a natural roll of 19 or 20
Surge Fire: any time the owner has advantage on a shot, they may choose to instead fire two arrows without advantage and forfeit any ability score bonus damage to any successful shots.


Za’ar led a tribe of mostly human nomads to the far west, just past Aeith. His skill with a bow and arrow spread through the land and when Lord Julen learned of this master archer, he challenged him to a tournament along with several other archers. This quiver was the prize for winning that tournament and taking Lord Julen’s place as the top archer in the region.

Quiver of Za'ar

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