Kova’s Remorse


This maul is a huge hammer, ornately carved from the heart of an Ebonheart tree in a single piece. The head itself bears a laughing face on one end and a sobbing face on the other and there are bands of stained rings leading from light to dark toward the center. The handle is wrapped in a twine-like textile made from the Ebonheart leaves which is dyed from faded blue to a shady blue from the grip end toward the head. A serene scene of souls flying upward toward the head are carved into the exposed portion of the handle.


This flawlessly weighted hammer is carved of wood, but strong as steel and acts as a +1 weapon. If its wielder is a paladin, Kova’s Remorse also grants the ability to send a healing wave on a successful divine smite. All friendly creatures within 15 feet of the wielder gain 1d8 hit points.


Kova served the Order of the Haunt for the Verdure Knights and banished uncounted undead from the face of the world. His devotion to the order earned him fame and recognition that tore him apart. His oath shunned such attentions, and his actions generated only more fame and attention. He had the great enchanter, Soren, imbue his hammer with the power to crush his foes and protect his comrades, but the Elf artisan who carved it followed Kova’s instructions to make the item reveal Kova’s own inner demons and they called it “Kova’s Duty”. Kova lost the battle of humility and when fame swept him away from duty, his brother-in-arms, Grith, fell prey to a vampire called Aras. Overwhelmed with grief and shame, Kova went alone against Aras and lost and as further punishment, Aras turned him. He could no longer wield the hammer and renamed it “Kova’s Remorse” and returned it to Soren. Naught is known of Kova after that point.

Kova’s Remorse

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