Aarath’s Stomp


These boots are made of rhinoceros hide and elevate the wearer an additional three inches. The thick soles clomp even in the softest of steps, and make sneaking nearly impossible. They are laced together with leather straps and maintain the rhinoceros’s soft, gray skin.


This set of boots enable the wearer to leave a threatened square without provoking an attack of opportunity. Once per day, the wearer may use them to perform a thunderous stomp that requires all creatures within 10 feet to make a dexterity save (dc 14) or fall prone.


Aarath destroyed a temple of Yuan-ti and at the end of the campaign against the snake people, the barbarian and his tribe encountered the rhinoceros which charged them and killed ten of his men. Aarath took him down by himself and kept the hide to make several pieces of armor. These boots are the only known surviving items.

Aarath’s Stomp

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